Terms and Conditions.

All vehicle prices exclude Road Fund Licence, First Registration Fee (where applicable) and Metallic Paint (where applicable).

Pre-registered vehicles supplied with the balance of the manufacturer's warranty. All vans supplied directly from UK dealers, unless stated otherwise.

Most of our vehicles will be pre-registered prior to delivery and therefore you will not be the first registered keeper, and in addition there may be a logbook retention by our fleet management company for up to 12 months.

Vehicle prices are excluding V.A.T.

All finance offers detailed are subject to status only and subject to finance company approval.

A £200 deposit taken by Credit/Debit card is required for order confirmation. This deposit is only refundable if we are unable to secure your finance terms on your new vehicle, in all other cases the deposit is non-refundable.

We will endeavour to have the goods available from the estimated delivery date or within a reasonable time thereafter, but we cannot guarantee the date and time of delivery and shall not be liable to the customer for any damage, losses or claims of any kind whatsoever in respect of any delay.

Once your order has been confirmed a member of our team will organise a delivery date with you, we must have cleared funds a minimum of 3 working days before this date to ensure delivery can proceed as scheduled. Failure to ensure your payment has cleared in this time period may incur extra delivery fees on top of any previously agreed fees.

Pictures are for illustration purposes only.

We reserve the right to alter prices without notice.

On receipt of full and final payment for your new car or commercial vehicle, the full title and ownership will be transferred into your name.

The vehicle's logbook may be retained by the fleet management company for a number of months, this is standard practice with fleet management companies. Logbook retention is required so that they can prove a definitive record of sales to the manufacturers, this enables the fleet management company to continue receiving the volume discounts which translates into cheaper prices for you.

Whilst still a valid legal document, a log book does not actually prove ownership of a vehicle. Upon request, we can provide you with a copy of your new vehicle logbook. Your log book will arrive with you automatically through the post direct from the fleet management company after a number of months.

If you have any questions about this, please speak to one of our advisors.

Part Exchange Vehicles:

If there is a Part Exchange Vehicle which we have agreed to take in payment or part payment of a deposit, advance payment or advance rental, or in payment or part payment of a vehicle invoice, we will rely on the information You give Us in relation to the Part Exchange Vehicle.

You will complete a Part Exchange Vehicle Appraisal Form which asks detailed questions about the condition of the Vehicle, however We will also take into account any additional information in writing which We have received from You in relation to the Vehicle. You must provide us with any material fact which will affect our decision to accept the Part Exchange Vehicle or our valuation thereof. If you are not sure of what constitutes a material fact, you must disclose the fact to Us to allow Us to judge whether it constitutes a material fact. You agree to indemnify us against any loss we incur as a result of Your failure to provide us with any material fact which affects our ability to resell the Part Exchange Vehicle, or which affects the value We receive upon selling the Part Exchange Vehicle.

We will provide You with a Part Exchange Offer Letter. This will confirm the information relating to the Part Exchange Vehicle which you have given to us, and will detail the Part Exchange Allowance, being our valuation of the Vehicle.

We will provide You with a Part Exchange Offer Letter. This will confirm the information relating to the Part Exchange Vehicle which you have given to us, and will detail the Part Exchange Allowance, being our valuation of the Vehicle.

Collection or Delivery of the Vehicle:

If We are arranging finance for the purchase of the Vehicle or are arranging for the Vehicle to be hired or leased to You, we will not permit collection or delivery of the Vehicle until we have received, to our satisfaction, correctly completed documentation and full payment in cleared funds of any advance payment or rental. Correctly completed documentation shall include, but will not be limited to, a correctly completed credit or hire agreement signed by all those parties who We or the Lender require, satisfactory documents confirming the address and identity of any applicant, and any other information or document required by the Lender as a condition of their acceptance of Your finance application.

If You are arranging finance through Your own choice of lender, or if You are purchasing the Vehicle without the aid of finance, we will not permit delivery or collection of the Vehicle without receiving full payment in cleared funds from You or from any other party You have instructed to pay us.

We will arrange delivery of the Vehicle to Your choice of address on the UK mainland. The vehicle will need to be signed for by you or someone you authorise to do so.

Unless specifically stated to the contrary on the Order Confirmation, the Vehicle will be driven to Your chosen address. This will result in miles on the odometer of the vehicle at the point of delivery. This mileage will be no greater than reasonably expected taking into account the journey the Vehicle has made from the supplying dealer to your chosen address plus any pre-delivery miles the Vehicle incurred during transit at and from the factory. If the vehicle is Pre-Owned then the mileage will be as previously advised, plus any additional mileage added during the prep/delivery to you. Mileage must be noted on the Delivery Note.

Upon delivery, you will thoroughly inspect the Vehicle to ensure that it is of satisfactory quality. You must make a note on the Delivery Note of any missing item or defect you find. Failure to make such a note may compromise your ability to seek a remedy for any missing item or defect.

If you do not make yourself available to take delivery of the Vehicle, you must accept the inspection of any person you authorise to take delivery in your absence.

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